Who We Are

Our Why

We were two chicks from San Diego on a hunt to find a cool hat that actually fit our heads. The problem was that the only hats we seemed to like were made for men, so it was our mission to create hip hats designed by women for women.

What’s in a Name

Astir means ‘in a state of excited movement” and as women we tend to find ourselves either running to take care of loved ones or running to take care of ourselves, so we are always on the move. We are active, we are energetic and we are most definitely fun!! The true definition of an Astir Girl! Designed with you in mind.

During the design process we came up with the idea of giving our hats an “identity” and plan to name each new design after our Astir Girl Community. Every Astir Girl is unique and each hat will be equally unique. The first two designs we named after ourselves, (I mean, why not?) but our third design is named after our smart, strong and sassy friend Jessica, who helped us get our company up and running, and as our line expands YOU TOO may get the chance to have one of our future designs named after you.  Follow us at @astirgirl on Instagram to learn more.

What Makes Us Special

Our hats’ dimensions are just a smidgen smaller than mens, so they are not boxy or weirdly shaped, and tested by us, our demographic of consumer. Rest assured you will love them, and then you too can call yourself an Astir Girl.

Made with Love,

Alli & Kris